capsule net OMOTENASHI no OYADO

We made an affordable price and a cozy interior space for you at capsule hotel, where you can enjoy manga and Japanese culture.
It is nearby Asakusa, Akihabara, also Shibuya and Roppongi, so it is very easy to access. Please enjoy our hospitality while you are in Tokyo.



カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 お風呂やサウナ
カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 漫画カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 ネット・ゲーム


カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 ご飯カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 ラーメンカプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 アルコール


【 Name 】Kapuseru netto omotenashi no oyado

【 Address 】Tokyo city, Taito district, Uneno street 6-8-20 110-0005 Japan  googlemap

【 Tel 】03-3834-3850

【 JR line 】3 mins from Hirokoji exit of Ueno staion by walking , or 3 mins from North exit of Okachimachi by walking.

【 Under ground 】For Hibiya line, 3 mins from Uneno station or 3 mins from Naka Okachimachi station.

【 Under ground 】For Ginza line, 3mins from Uneno station.

【 Under ground 】For Oedo line, 5 mins from Ueno okachimachi station.

【 Keiseihon line 】3 mins from main exit of Keisei Ueno staion.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 ラーメン

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