capsule net OMOTENASHI no OYADO

Ueno Station is referred as the "Tokyo doorstep", a typical station access of not only Tokyo but also regional cities as well.
Our hospitable motel is nearby Ueno station about 3 mins by walking. Because it is open 24 hours a day, it’s very convenient accommodation for those who want to enjoy the free tourist route.
If you want to go shopping, sightseeing and experience cultural appreciation, welcome!



【 Name 】Kapuseru netto omotenashi no oyado

【 Address 】Tokyo city, Taito district, Uneno street 6-8-20 110-0005 Japan  googlemap

【 Tel 】03-3834-3850

【 JR line 】3 mins from Hirokoji exit of Ueno staion by walking , or 3 mins from North exit of Okachimachi by walking.

【 Under ground 】For Hibiya line, 3 mins from Uneno station or 3 mins from Naka Okachimachi station.

【 Under ground 】For Ginza line, 3mins from Uneno station.

【 Under ground 】For Oedo line, 5 mins from Ueno okachimachi station.

【 Keiseihon line 】3 mins from main exit of Keisei Ueno staion.

The route from Ueno station.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 個室

First, get out of Hirokoji exit of Ueno station then cross the crosswalk.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 個室

Next, enter the “Youth Load Ueno” on the left.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 ラウンジ

Finally, you will arrive our hospitable motel after 1mins walking.

The route from Okachimachi station.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 カプセルホテル

Get out from North exit of Okachimachi station, then cross the intersection, and turn right.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 個室

Next, enter the road besides Star buck.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 ラウンジ

Finally, go straight and past a ramen (noodles) shop about 1 mins, you will arrive.

Access from the airport

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 Access from the airport

Popular spot

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 秋葉原
AkihabaraJR 3min

Akihabara is famous and known as the largest electric town of Japan. It has not only many electronics stores where sell large-scale facilities , but also various of electrical parts stores lined with old-fashioned shops.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 浅草
Asakusasubway 5min

Asakusa is a place that attracts about 3000 foreign visitors to come here every year. Extending from Kaminarimon to the precincts in a straight line, Nakamise is a shopping street that started from the Edo period.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 両国
Ryogoku Areasubway 15min

Along the Sumida River, there has a Sky tree’s shooting spot. At Ryogoku, you can find the Kokugikan where a national sport of Japan occru every year called “sumo”. you can also enjoy the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 東京の玄関口上野
Ueno Stationwolk 3min

About 10 minutes by train from Tokyo station, Ueno station is a stopover of Shinkansen such as Tohoku, Hokuriku, Tokaido, so it’s very convenient to access to each local city.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 表参道
Omotesandosubway 24min

Omotesando where is flooded with young people, has many cafes shops, miscellaneous goods and clothing stores are suitable for even overseas visitors. It is also close to Harajuku, where are called "KAWAII”.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 浅草
Roppongisubway 23min

Roppongi which is called never-sleep town is not only popular for overseas tourists but also Japanese because of many cafes and clubs. It is also close Shibuya where is famous for scramble crossing and movie scene.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 サムライ ちょんまげカプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 招き猫カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 招き猫