capsule net OMOTENASHI no OYADO

Unlike other capsule hotel, our hospitable motel has many kinds of equipments such as 30,000 copies of manga, 24 hours serving of sauna, reclining, lounge and drink bar…etc
Let’s experience the unique life style of Japanese’s friends and lovers.



カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 湯処

You can experience the public bath's mood. Because of the whirlpool, it can heal the tired body.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 湯処
Shawer booth

Please wash your body and head here, by using equipped shampoo and body soap.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 湯処

It is expected to have detox effect when you sweat profusely in the bath.

Dropping slowly your waist into the bathtub of public bath, you will feel your body is released from the core.
Sweating in the sauna or soaking in the bath are expected to have detox effect.
Men and women are separated. 24 hours serving. Amenities are also available, so please don’t hesitate to use.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 湯処
Reclining chair

You can be massaged while watching TV.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 湯処
Drink bar

Sake, sochu, juice and beer are available.

カプセルネット おもてなしのお宿 コミックだな

You can read popular manga for free. Please enjoy the scene as you saw on TV in the original comics.

Let’s take a popular manga! It’s written in Japanese but it’s maybe fun if you take a look at pictures. You can talk with your friends in the lounge or reclining, watching TV, drinking juice or alcohol at drink bar and relishing relishing Japanese’s snacks.

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